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Order Placement, Shipping & Returns

Setting Up Your Account

Create an account with us to expedite your shopping experience in the future. You will need to enter all information with an * next to it. This information is used to create unique records for each person, since there are often people with the same name using our system, and people do not always update their records when they move. You are free to modify your account by clicking the My Account tab at the top of each page when you are logged in. This section allows you to view past orders, change your address and modify your product notifications list.

Order Placement

After logging into your account, add items to your shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button next to each item. You can adjust the quantity if you need more than one copy. The system will check the number in stock to ensure you can get that many. Once this check is done, you will move you to the shipping section by clicking on the proceed to checkout button. The system will ask you to select a shipping method. Once you continue to the next page, it lists the payment options. When you submit payment via Credit Card, the information will be run through our physical terminal when we ship. It is not automatically charged to your card or run through any kind of automatic on-line payment system when you submit the order. Payment by Paypal will be made via their system. You will be sent to the Paypal payment screen automatically when you confirm the order (just be sure to follow the link back to us!). Once Paypal payment is received, we will process the order.

IMPORTANT PAYPAL INFORMATION: If you do NOT complete the Paypal Payment when it takes you to the site from ours, the order you placed will NOT be saved. You will have to redo the order from the start if you fail to complete the payment. Check order Money Order payments should be made payable to The Dragon's Trove, and sent to the address at the bottom of the the following page that shows your order details. Once payment is received, we will process and ship the order.

Sales Tax

Sales tax of 7% is added to any order shipped to North Carolina automatically. We do not collect sales tax for orders in other states, and those sales tax fees are the responsibility of the purchasing party to report per your states tax code. For International shipments, we do not collect any customs fees and/or taxes that will be levied on shipments sent outside the US, and they are the responsibility of the purchasing party. All items are marked as merchandise with the approximate retail value on the customs forms. Please do not ask us to break the law by falsifying this information so you can save some money, we will not do so.


Payment from US Customers is by Personal Check, Money Order, Certified Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Paypal and must be made prior to shipment (as is standard for internet transactions). Personal checks take up to 7 days to clear, but other forms of payment will be shipped immediately. I do not recommend the use of cash, nor will I be held responsible for loss of cash or checks sent through the mail system (it happens occasionally folks). If you would like a receipt that I received the payment, use certified mail and you will get a postcard back with my signature. Foreign orders, please see the additional notes below.


All shipments from The Dragon's Trove are expertly packed with methods developed over 20 years of successful shipping. We rarely see items damaged in shipping when using these methods, and are confident that you will receive the items in the condition that they left here.

The majority of the packages sent out will go via US Postal. Large and heavy orders will be shipped via UPS. Most packages have either a tracking number (UPS) or a delivery confirmation number (USPS) added to them at no charge to you. Insurance is NOT normally part of shipments, and must be requested by the purchaser. However, items shipped via UPS and USPS Priority mail automatically receive $100 insurance as part of their base shipping fee. Foreign orders do not get any tracking method due to the disparity of shipping services between countries, and insurance is also not added to the shipment unless it is going by USPS Priority Mail.


When selling used items, it is important to verify that the items are complete, and describe the condition correctly. Each item is unique when it comes to Out of Print, so here at The Dragon's Trove, the goal is to ensure you are getting what you expect when you make a purchase. Occasionally, something slips by us. We will make every effort to correct a problem, and if we are unable to do so, offer you a full refund. Generally, we do not accept returns for a refund unless there is a defect we did not note, or there was a problem during shipment. Please contact us directly if there is a problem. We can exchange an item if we are notified within 14 days of receipt for credit only. After 14 days from date of receipt have passed (based on delivery confirmation number posted to each package), we consider the sale complete and will not accept a return.

Foreign Orders

We welcome orders from most countries outside the United States (We will not ship to countries that have a history of fraud like Nigeria) and have shipped items to Germany, Austria, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Japan, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Norway, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Finland, Singapore, and France among others. All prices are listed in US dollars, and payment is expected in US Dollars. Payment made via money order are to be in US funds AND drawn on a bank that has a US branch or some other affiliate. Please check with your bank that they have branches or deal through an affiliate that does, before sending payment. Also, you may have luck finding a Postal Money order with your local post office. If this is not the case, my bank will charge me $25 to send the money order off for collection (I know it is a rip off, but I can't do anything to change it.) If you do not have the ability to do this, and do not mind paying an extra $25, then I have no problem accepting local money orders made out in US dollars. Finally, if your bank is going to send off the money and have it delivered right to me, make sure that any fees that will be deducted are done so on your end. In the past money orders have arrived with an additional $5-$10 deducted for delivery fees. We happily accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard and Discover as well. As a last resort, Western Union is also an option. We do NOT accept wire transfers directly into my bank account.

Shipping to foreign locals must be done through the Postal system. No other method is even remotely affordable. On very small orders to certain parts of the world, air mail may not be too expensive, especially if I can use the US Postal Priority Flat Rate Envelope (fits 1-5 module sized items). As of May 2007, Surface Mail is no longer an option outside the US. I can go into more detail about foreign shipping should you have any questions.