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Serenity Role Playing Game

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  • Adventure Out in the Black Five hundred years in the future, humanity has built a new home in a faraway star system. Earth-That-Was is now only a distant memory. The powerful Alliance government fought and won a war against those who chose to remain ndependent of its rule. Many soldiers who fought the lost cause to drifted out to the Rim. The border planets are somewhat isolated, sometimes primitive, and always dangerous. Prowling the dark spaceways are the terrifying Reavers madmen and cannibals who seek only to satisfy their terrible appetites from whatever ship or planet crosses their path. Serenity is a small transport ship owned and captained by Malcolm Reynolds, a former Independent soldier, and crewed by a squabbling group of misfits who are loyal to each other and the ship they call home. When Captain Reynolds takes on two fugitives, he finds his ship caught between the powerful Alliance and the brutally savage Reavers. The Serenity Roleplaying Game re-creates the action, drama, and humor of the science-fiction universe from the upcoming film by Academy and Emmy Award-nominated writer-director Joss Whedon. Leave your d20s behind and play the crew of Serenity or all-new characters. The full-color, hardcover book features a brand-new game system from a design team that includes industry veterans: Jamie Chambers, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, James M. Ward, Lester Smith, Tony Lee, and Andrew Peregrine.