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The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings is probably one of the most influential book series in the creation of Fantasy Role Playing.  The work of JRR Tolkien was often cited in interviews with many of the creators of various Role Playing Games.  It's not surprising that it was the subject of not just wargames, but also role playing games.  In 1984, Iron Crown Enterprises released their first foray into the fantastic world of Middle-Earth.  Over the years other companies would become involved and the systems continue to be a rich source of information on the world.    

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Iron Crown Enterprises Middle Earth

Starting in 1984 and until the license was lost in 1999, Iron Crown Enterprises produced a huge collection of product.  The 2nd Edition began it's run in 1994.  When the license was lost, a huge amount of 2nd Edition product was destroyed, and it has become much harder to find.

Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) 1st Edition

Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) 2nd Edition - Iron Crown Enterprises

Decipher The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game

Decipher took over the RPG license after Iron Crown lost it, and had a short run with it during the time period the Lord of the Rings movies were just beginning to be released.  Unfortunately, the company had financial issues and was unable to continue to support an RPG division.  Only products supporting the first two movies were produced before the line was shuttered.

Lord of the Rings Role Playing Game

Cubicle 7 The One Ring

In 2011, Cubicle 7 began producing products for their One Ring RPG. In 2016, they introduced a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Compatible version of their source material under the Adventures in Middle Earth line.  For the first time, there was officially Dungeons and Dragons versions of the Middle-Earth world.

The One Ring

Adventures in Middle-Earth (D&D 5th Edition Compatible)