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Lands of Dr. Doom box set

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In original shrink, some light corner wear where the shrink has poked through. Slight indentation of lid from storage.
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  • Know this now—and know it forever! DOCTOR DOOM has no rivals! None! NONE! In all the world, there is none to match me! None can rival DR. DOOM in total mastery of the diabolical!!" 
    (Text by Stan Lee, FANTASTIC FOUR #85)

    For years, the secrets of the metal-clad monarch known as Victor Von Doom have remained his own. Now, in this 30th year as the premiere villain of the Marvel Comics universe, all those secrets are revealed to the world!

    The Lands of DOCTOR DOOM Campaign Set is a comprehensive source on Doctor Doom, providing a closely detailed history, as well as delving into his "unrivalled" psyche to discover who truly lurks behind the iron mask. Marvel Europe is also drawn into the spotlight, exposing everything from the tourism to the technology of the Balkan States. Learn about Latveria, home of Doom and self-proclaimed "Gem of the Balkans." Discover Symkaria, home to Silver Sabre and her Wild Pack. Wonder at the wondrous Mount Wundagore in Transia, sometime-home to the High Evolutionary and prison of the Elder God Chthon. All this and more is waiting within The Lands of DR. DOOM Campaign Set.

    For use with the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing game rules (Basic or Advanced Sets):

    The box set contains:

    - Domains of Doom, a 96-page saddle stitched booklet with Doom's history, a bibliography, a chronology of comic book appearances, an atlas of Latveria, Symkaria, and Transia.

    - Machines of Doom, a 64-page saddle stitched booklet with new rules for technology and Doom's inventions.

    - Deeds of Doom, a 32-page saddle stitched booklet of adventures.

    - Two fold-out poster maps covering Castle Doom and Doomstadt.