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Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition Hardcover

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  • HARDCOVER Heroes Unlimited RPG, 2nd Edition

    The Heroes Unlimited™ RPG has been a hit RPG for 30+ years because it enables you to create any type of comic book hero you can imagine. Make characters pulled right from any comic book you grew up with and love, or design your own league of extraordinary heroes.

    If you seek comic book heroic adventure, Heroes Unlimited™ does the job on an epic scale. Plus a dozen sourcebooks provide you with more super abilities, hero categories, bad guys and adventures.

    • The hardcover is exactly the same as the softcover edition.
    • Color cover, same art, variant logo on the hardcover.
    • Create any type of hero you can imagine.
    • 101 super abilities plus a multitude of sub-powers within them, bonuses and special combat capabilities.
    • 100+ magic spells plus enchanted weapons and objects.
    • 72 psychic powers.
    • Enchanted weapons that instill super abilities.
    • Mega-Heroes and immortals.
    • Alien super beings.
    • Bionics and cyborgs.
    • Psionics and Psychics.
    • Robots and power armor.
    • Masters of magic, wizards and spell casters.
    • Mutants and Super Soldiers possessing super abilities.
    • Inventors, super-geniuses and super-vehicles.
    • Special Training: Martial arts, Sleuths, weapons, more.
    • Cover by comic book legend Jim Steranko.
    • Art by Ramon K. Perez, Paulo Parente, Mike Gustovich, and others.
    • Written by Kevin Siembieda.