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Godsend Agenda 3rd Edition

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  •  What would you do if you had the power of a god?

    Would you fight for a better world or exploit it and watch it burn?

    A Game of Postmodern Mythology The GODSEND Agenda is not your typical game of costumes and superpowers. It looks at super humans and how they affect the world around them. It also deals with how our culture worships them, now and in times past.

    GODSEND Agenda offers players chances to not only interact with those legendary celestial beings, but to walk among them as equals. Build your Hero from a slate of mythic peoples, choose your Agenda, form your Pantheon, and change the world.

    GODSEND Agenda is an epic-scale superheroic RPG with heavy mythical and cosmic inspirations brought to life.

    Why Play the GODSEND Agenda?

        Play GODSEND Agenda if you want an immersive superheroic experience.
        Play GODSEND Agenda if you want to walk the earth as a god.
        Play GODSEND Agenda to create postmodern mythology with your Hero at the center.
        Play GODSEND Agenda if you want to challenge the status quo and change the world.
        Play GODSEND Agenda if you want to change the world positively and meaningfully.

    What do you need to play?

        This book
        Pens and paper
        Two ten-sided dice
        The will to make a decisive change in the world around you.