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Ashen Stars: Tartarus/Terra Nova

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  • A new adventure for Ashen Stars from Robin D Laws.

    In this scenario of exploration and confrontation in a devastatingly hostile environment, hard-bitten lasers, who know enough not to touch the gooey stuff or take off their helmets in an untested biosphere, investigate the demise of a survey crew doomed by the above mistakes, and more. The interstellar corporation Shrawley-Gosha Industries offers a contract for an extraction operation on a notorious Bad Planet called Tartarus. A recent SGI survey mission went awry there, with all hands presumed lost. The company seeks a crew to retrieve DNA samples from the dead team members, to see if they were exposed to an experimental viroware treatment, and, if so, whether it contributed to the mission's failure. As a secondary objective, the lasers are to gather enough evidence to reconstruct the sequence of events leading to whatever catastrophe destroyed the original team.

    The Terra Nova, last of the great luxury liners from the Combine's heyday, is dead, a victim of disaster now drifting in the space between worlds.

    Her final call echoes across the Bleed. The last of the survivors clutch desperately to life, waiting for rescue.

    All but one, that is. One of them waits only for a chance to finish the job, uncovering a secret which the Terra Nova has kept hidden for decades.

    The price of that revelation will be paid in blood.

    Terra Nova is an adventure for Ashen Stars by Leonard Balsera author of Profane Miracles and co-author of the smash hit Dresden Files. It features a novel use of GUMSHOE where the culprit isn't set in stone in the adventure's text.