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Aegis Handbook

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  • Mankind's fate rests on the actions of a few brave, desperate souls. Are you willing to pay the price? Buried deep within the halls of government, a secret conspiracy operates. It siphons cash, resources and personnel for a never-ending series of deadly missions. It cuts through the whitewash that is official policy and scientific fact, and reaches toward a horrifying truth. It fights a silent war against overwhelming enemies. It's operatives die quickly and viciously, or degenerate slowly into madness. A blinded world is purposely kept ignorant about the struggle, and the fate of those on the front lines of the war. The conspiracy recruits relentlessly. You have been deemed valuable to the war effort. We can make this easy, hard or terminal -- your choice. Inside the Aegis Handbook, you will find: * Complete and expanded character generation for Aegis agents, including new skills, training, and traits. * Over 50 professions, with more than 100 pulling strings. * Expanded Cell creation, including new locations, facilities, staff, equipment, and special resources. * The history of Aegis, and details about its organization and operations. * HERMES downloads on recruitment, tactics, operations, and psychological threats to operatives. * Charts and lists to facilitate character and Cell creation, and updated character and Cell record sheets. * New rules and clarified game play.