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Worlds of Cthulhu #5

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  • "Worlds of Cthulhu"� is the official twice yearly magazine dedicated to just one thing "“ CALL OF CTHULHU in all its settings and systems. Issue #5 contains:
    * Scenario 1 (1920s): THEY SLEEP BY TWILIGHT by Aaron Vanek. This Twenties scenario set in New England is a case of tangled concerns, barely formed fears and mistaken identities, and is designed to be a change from usual Mythos hunting duties.

    * Scenario 2 (Modern): OUT OF THE AGES by Gary Sumpter. Classic Call Cthulhu scenarioist Gary Sumpter brings us his Cthulhu Now version of the aftermath of the Philadelphia Experiment. It starts with the strange death of a former senator.

    * Scenario 3 (Strange Aeons): MASTER OF HOUNDS by Keris McDonald. A one-off, nightmarish dream-quest into the roots of London's history, starting in 1665 when London is in the grip of the Great Plague.

    * The Swords of Snefru - an ages old conspiracy now seemingly involved in international terrorism. Are they implacable defenders of humanity or in league with the Cthulhu Mythos?

    * A War to End All Wars - A World War One previous experience generator for Twenties Call of Cthulhu characters.


    * THE GERMAINE INSTITUTE by Christopher Smith Adair. Mankind is fighting a war, and it is losing. The victims and the casualties are everywhere. The most tragic victims are the youngest, most helpless members of a society on the brink. These innocents are being sacrificed, while the average person and the authorities turn their backs. They won't hear the screams until it is too late. One small, dedicated group stands against the growing darkness, placing themselves between Hell and the children it hungers for. It is a lonely mission, and the enemy is everywhere. The serpent is coiled in the hearts of men, and only the white-hot light of truth will burn them out.

    * Constantinople - In hoc signo vinces - by Chad Bowser. Situated on the western bank of the Bosporus, Constantinople is a city without equal, and capital of an empire at the height of its glory. In the year 1000, almost all investigators travelling from Western Europe into the Near East, or from the East to West, will encounter Constantinople in one way or another. Rther than a strict geography, this article explores the personalities of the men and women who make Cthulhu Dark Age Constantinople an exotic and deadly place to visit.

    * Keepers Corner: Dreaming of times gone by. Another angle on time travel by Derek Mayne.

    * Cult Exposed! THE BELIEVERS OF RED HOOK by Dan Harms

    * Directives for A Cell By Scott Glancy Dragon Trove ID 9940