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Go Away Monster!

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Boxed Set
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  • Ages 3+
    1 to 4 Players
    Playing time: about 15 minutes
    No reading required.

    4 Bedroom Boards
    16 Bedroom Puzzle Pieces
    8 Monsters o Cloth Monster Bag
    rules of play

    Go Away Monster! is the game where little kids get rid of the monsters for good. Players reach into a bag to feel for puzzle pieces that fit a bedroom game board. Sometimes players pull out furniture pieces but sometimes they wind up with a monster. When that happens, they take charge and toss it into the center of the circle some call it the monster pit and yell, "Go away monster!" Some players even throw the monsters right out of the room, and that's okay.

    Being afraid of monsters is a normal part of growing up. One way that children are able to master this fear is by participating in narrative play or by playing games like Go Away Monster! that allow them to take control of the monsters. Go Away Monster! encourages kids to boss the monsters around, but it also let's them experience some of the apprehension and excitement in deciding what is real and what is imaginary.

    The game teaches young children shape recognition, cooperation, competence and boosts self-esteem, and is designed to be played with parents and friends. Dragon Trove ID 8116