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HOL (Human Occupied Landfill)

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Core Book
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  • HoL

    Lurking in the waste of a thousand civilizations at the edge of known
    space, it waits. As players rediscovered a classic game, it sensed
    it's need was growing. As people across the land slowly checked for
    traps up the full featureless length of a 300' stone corridor, it
    realized that it's time drew nigh once again, and stirred from it's
    noisome resting place.

    HoL is back baby!

    The original id of the gaming industry has returned to take your
    money, crash on your couch, and turn your thoughts to creative
    violations of the Geneva Convention. Which, if you really want to be
    honest about it, is why you started gaming in the first place.

    So strap on the rubber pants and prepare to lay the full burden of
    your psychological luggage on friends, family, and unsuspecting
    strangers. HoL will once again be available this August, with a
    mostly new cover plus four brand spanking new pages. Even the
    old-timers that already own one of the older editions of HoL will have
    to rush out and buy this one. Hey, you had to pay for a new copy,
    why shouldn't they?

    It's certainly cheaper than years of therapy and it won't try to
    discourage your nasty habit with the surgical tubing, rabid weasels,
    and well lubricated d20's. Rubber gloves are recommended while
    handling the book, as product liability insurance would do a number on
    our profit margins.

    Suggested for Mature Readers. If you hadn't figured it out already,
    this is mostly for naughty language. Lots of it, since we were too
    lazy to use a rhyming dictionary when composing our "Ode to a Truck." Dragon Trove ID 4259