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Dungeon Twister: Forces of Darkness

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  • What's left of the Arch-Mage's heart glows with an icy joy. Watching weak adventurers fighting in his crazy labyrinths is still fun, but he needs something new. He has now decided to teleport into the maze poor and innocent creatures unable to comprehend what's happening to them. His well-paid and hard-working Gnomes and Dwarves have built for him some specially designed dungeons for the convenience of his new friends: the Undead, who will be thrown into the darkness until he is satisfied. Mummies, Ghouls, Vampires, Zombies, Undead Dragons, Specters ! All of them are masters in the art of terrorizing and devouring humans. But now they have become the Arch-Mage's new toys!

    ces of Darkness is the third expansion for Dungeon Twister. Within, you'll discover 7 new objects and 8 new characters allowing you to create armies of zombies, drink blood from your opponents or hide in shadows. It also contains 8 new rooms. Some of these are covered with darkness squares that you will have to reveal while advancing. To do so, this expansion also provides 30 new corridor tiles to allow you to design your own mazes on the darkness rooms. This is a brand new and original mechanic for Dungeon Twister.

    characters, objects and rooms are fully compatible with Dungeon Twister and its other expansions. By combining boxes, you can design your own scenarios, your own original teams to surprise your opponent, and develop new strategies.

    You must own the Dungeon Twister basic set to play with this expansion.

    Box Contents
    8 square rooms
    30 corridor tiles
    2 sets of tokens (one per player) each including 8 characters and 7 objects
    2 sets of tokens (one per player) each including 4 secondary characters.
    2 sets of 8 cardboard figurines and 16 plastic bases
    2 starting lines
    1 rulebook
    5 neutral objects (white square tokens)
    5 blood markers (square)
    Several open and broken portcullis markers Dragon Trove ID 3428