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Marienburg: Sold Down the River

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Hogshead Publishing
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Edge wear to cover. Upper right corner of front cover has a crease across it. Map is present, but the back side of it has evidence of a water spill. Does not affect the images.
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  • Where Seagulls Dare.

    At the sea-mouth of the River Reik stands Marienburg, the world's marketplace: the largest, richest, most corrupt and most dangerous city-port in the Old World.

    Here, everything is for sale and nothing is without a price. In the markets and docks, traders win and lose fortunes over exotic cargos from every land. Meanwhile, in slum taverns or beside filthy canals, more sinister deals are done for smuggled weapons. stolen booty, secrets, loyalties, bodies or worse. And with the Empire and Bretonnia both eyeing Marienburg's wealth and location, the city is on a knife-edge, filled with racial tension, espionage and fear.

    Built on a hundred islands, Marienburg is home to he richest man alive, the only enclave of Sea Elves in the Old World, and more gold than adventurers can dream of. Here on the edge of the Sea of Claws are so many chances for adventure, excitement and messing about in boats that even a corrupt local dock-master couldn't count them all.

    Marienburg: Sold Down the River is a complete and incredibly detailed city-sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, containing everything a GM needs to run adventures and campaigns in this unique city.

    It includes descriptions, maps and histories of Marienburg and the surrounding Wasteland, information on Marienburg's politics, religions, laws and criminals, as well as details of eight of the city's most important districts, over forty individual locations and almost sixty full-described non-player characters, all with connections and secrets that can be used to create plots and adventures. All the elements are woven together to create one of the most complete, coherent and fascinating city-sourcebooks ever released for any RPG.

    Plus there's a complete scenario and fifteen adventure seeds, rules for trading and smuggling, information on how to generate Wastelander PCs, atmospheric artwork that brings Marienburg and its inhabitants to life, an incredible panoramic poster-map of the entire city; and more. Dragon Trove ID 3388