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Dungeon Twister: Paladins & Dragons

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  • The first Dungeon Twister expansion (still a game for 2 players) will allow you to bring new characters, objects and rooms onto the scene. Now you're going to get right to the soul of the game, as you are now able to create your own customized team! Here comes the Metagame...
    Paladins & Dragons is the first Dungeon Twister expansion.

    It features 8 new characters and 6 objects (including 5 new ones), as well as 8 new rooms with new terrain elements. You can mix all those elements with the Basic Set or play this expansion as a Stand Alone (you will only need the cards and the starting lines from the Basic Set).

    All the basic Dungeon Twister rules still apply when playing an expansion. In Paladins & Dragons, as well as in all the expansions, you will find a rule book describing the new characters, objects and rooms. These rules complement the Basic Set rules.

    The game is brought to a whole new level now when players are able to bring innovation and surprise to each round of play as they create always-new teams. And, the 8 rooms that you'll rediscover in the labyrinth can be secretly and independently chosen by the 2 players (bringing an aspect of secret alliances to the game!). In this case, you'll only be aware of 4 of the 8 rooms: the rest will be a surprise! You are going to have to create a multi-dimensioned team which you'll create in response to your opponents choices and by using your own tactics and strategy.

    8 rooms
    2 sets of tokens (8 characters and 6 objects for each player)
    2 sets of 8 figures
    1 rulebook.
    Game Duration: about 60 minutes
    Ages: 11 and up
    Number of Players: 2 players Dragon Trove ID 2976