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Letters of Marque III: The Galliots

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  • Operating under Letters of Marque, authorization from noble houses to hunt rivals' ships, privateers seek out and capture enemy ships. Galliots seize and capture enemy ships by grappling their prey and sending boarding parties, elite marine units who finish the job in bloody hand-to-hand combat through the corridors of the ship.

    This collection of starship deckplans is for use with the Noble Armada miniatures game or the Fading Suns RPG or just about any science fiction game. Five starships are featured with 25mm-scale maps: al Malik, Hazat, and Li Halan Galliots and the long unavailable original Noble Armada box set plans for the Decados Raider and Hawkwood Explorer! ELEVEN 17"� x 22"� poster pages of highly detailed ship deck plans in all!!

    Contents: Eleven 17"� x 22"� maps depicting the following ships:

    * al-Malik Rahimat class Galliot (plus Ship Display sheet)
    * Hazat Xerxes class Galliot (plus Ship Display sheet)
    * Li Halan Cardano class Galliot (plus Ship Display sheet)
    * Decados Reaper class Raider
    * Hawkwood Wayfarer class Explorer Dragon Trove ID 10639