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Flames of War 2nd edition

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  • What's Inside: The world's most popular historical miniatures game just got better! Clearly laid out and easy to read rules with plenty of diagrams. New Hard Cover with stitch binding. Introductory guide to the Flames Of War game. Rules for tanks, infantry, artillery, aircraft, snipers, reconnaissance, night fighting, fortifications, street fighting, and more. Comprehensive movement rules, including diagrams and summeries. Shooting rules covering all aspects of WWII combat that are fast to play and easy to understand. Rules include Snipers, Flame-throwers, smoke ammuntions, infantry and vehicle weapons. Fully revised assault rules. Morale and command rules. Artillery rules covering everything from guns, rockets and mortars. Completely new Aircraft rules. Reconnaissance rules Night fighting rules. National characteristic rules for the US, German, British and Soviet armies. Play small or large battles, multi-player and multi-company games. 10 exciting Combat Missions detailing battlefield set-up and victory conditions! Fortification and street fighting rules. A guide to refighting famous historical battles. Campaign rules and a complete Anzio campaign to play. 280 pages. Dragon Trove ID 10420