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DragonQuest - 1st Edition

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Box has some indentagion to lid, some light tap marks to a couple edges. Contents in great shape, unpunched counters. Dice are missing.

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  • A comprehensive and innovative fantasy role-playing system,

    32-page illustrated book of CHARACTER GENERATION, COMBAT
    General Course of Events * Requirements for Play * Character Generation * Description of Characteristics * Combat Terminology * Preparation for Combat * Basic Tactical Procedure * Maneuver Actions * Martial Actions * Inflicting Damage * Weapons * Mounted Combat * Multi-Hex Monsters

    56-page illustrated book of MAGIC
    How Magic Works * How to Cast Spells * Incorporating Magic into Combat * The Colleges of Magic Ensorcelments and Enchantments; Sorceries of the Mind; Illusions; Naming Incantations; Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Celestial Magics; Black Magics; Necromantic Conjurations; Greater Summonings

    64-page illustrated book of SKILLS, MONSTERS, ADVENTURE
    Special Skills: Spoken and Written Languages * Alchemist * Beast Master * Spy and Thief * Encountering Monsters and Non-Player Characters * Giants, Fairies and Earth Dwellers * Fantastical Monsters * Creatures of Night and Shadow * Dragons * Preparing for Adventure * Organizing a Party

    DragonQuest includes three rules books, one 17" x 22" double-sided tactical display, 100 die-cut cardboard playing pieces, and various playing aids." Dragon Trove ID 10381