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4th Dimension Boardgame

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In the original shrink wrap, though it is falling off. Two lower corners of box are scuffed up from being exposed. Never opened, so contents will be MINT and complete.
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  • You are a mighty Time-Lord, and your powerful army of Guardians, Rangers, and Warriors stands ready to do battle. Your opponent is equally strong, and knows that only one of you will survive this conflict of time and space; for you both are Time-Lords, able to alter the fabric of reality, and there is room in the universe for only one with such power . . .
    4TH DIMENSION is a classic game of pure strategy no luck or dice are involved. A unique feature of the game is the ability to "Time-Warp" a piece removing it from the board and bringing it back into play in a different location! Players must take care not to allow their Time-Lords to be trapped by opposing Warriors beaming down from Time-Warp . . .
    Simple to learn, 4D is easily grasped by any gamer from age 10 to adult. The rules are brief and fully illustrated with examples of play; it takes only about 15 minutes to read them and start playing. Games typically are over in only 30-45 minutes.
    This deluxe boxed version of the game comes complete and includes a 8¼" x l0½" mounted gameboard, a set of 26 custom molded plastic playing pieces, and a four-page rules folder.
    When 4TH DIMENSION was first released in Britain a few years ago, it became an instant success. Local clubs were formed to play the game as well as the 4D Society which publishes its own newsletter and sponsors regular meetings and tournaments. TSR is proud to present the American edition of this excellent game another fine product from TSR, The Game Wizards! Dragon Trove ID 10178